Day: December 19, 2003

  • The Sunlight on the Garden

    The Sunlight on the Garden by Louis MacNeice The sunlight on the garden Hardens and grows cold, We cannot cage the minute Within its nets of gold; When all is told We cannot beg for pardon. Our freedom as free lances Advances towards its end; The earth compels, upon it Sonnets and birds descend; And […]

  • For Alan

    Permanently by Kenneth Koch One day the Nouns were clustered in the street. An Adjective walked by, with her dark beauty. The Nouns were struck, moved, changed. The next day a Verb drove up, and created the Sentence. Each Sentence says one thing— for example, “Although it was a dark rainy day when the Adjective […]

  • Separation

    Separation by W. S. Merwin Your absence has gone through me Like thread through a needle. Everything I do is stitched with its color.

  • The Illiterate

    The Illiterate by William Meredith Touching your goodness, I am like a man Who turns a letter over in his hand And you might think that this was because the hand Was unfamiliar but, truth is, the man Has never had a letter from anyone; And now he is both afraid of what it means […]