About: MoW

MindofWinter.org is a website dedicated to the discussion of poetry. The website was created back in November, 2003 (when WordPress was in its early development stages) by and for a group of friends and co-workers who, at the time, met in person regularly to discuss poetry. The website was intended to facilitate those discussions.

The name comes from a poem by Wallace Stevens called “The Snow Man.” Elsewhere, in “Man Carrying Thing,” Stevens wrote that “The poem must resist the intelligence / Almost successfully.” Our little group occasionally attempted to bring our collective intelligence to bear against that resistance, to tease meaning from obscurity, and in the process find greater enjoyment in our reading. We were not entirely unsuccessful.

The website is now maintained by Michael Hoke, mostly just to preserve the old discussion content. Still, if you’d like to engage in in a discussion of poetry, send me an email and I may approve your registration.

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