System upgrade in process

I’ve started upgrading the WordPress system to a new version (it’s supposed to fix a bunch of problems with the database and make it more “user-friendly”), and it seems that the internal structure has changed quite a bit, so all my original tweaking has to be readjusted. It’s going to take me some time to get everything back to normal.

You may notice some changes to the way posting and editing works. You can now assign multiple categories to your posts, and the interface is much cleaner (if it looks funny, try holding Ctrl down while clicking reload—if that doesn’t work, let me know). I’ve found one annoying bug so far—in the ‘Edit’ screen, it always says there’s (at least) one comment on every post. This has already been fixed in a new beta release, but I’m waiting for it to become an “official” release before I go through the upgrade again.

Any feedback is certainly welcome.