May 27, 2015

Plus ça change… [Filed under: General Discussion]

Penned some 18 years ago:


My thoughts unfold, the air grows cold
As if it knows I’ll need the snows
To quench my mental fire:
My future turns—ignites and burns
Through hope and fear—but leaves me here,
Alas, with no desire!

March 19, 2015

“Grab the world by its clothes pins and shake it out again….” [Filed under: Mojgani, Anis]

I can’t post the text of the poem “Shake The Dust” by Anis Mojgani both because it is almost certainly covered by copyright and also because I haven’t seen an accurate transcription, but I think this poem is better to hear than to read, anyway, so I encourage poetry lovers to listen to Anis Mojgani’s performance of “Shake The Dust” here. Incidentally, a clip of this poem is featured in Mat Kearney‘s new song “Heartbreak Dreamer” from his new album “Just Kids.”