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  • Tuesday

    Monday Morning by Billy Collins The complacency of this student, late for the final, who chews her pen for an hour, who sits in her sunny chair, with a container of coffee and an orange, a cockatoo swinging freely in her green mind as if on some drug dissolved, mingling to give her a wholly…

  • Winter of Minds

    My sister will be in town this weekend, so it looks like another week delay. I’m hoping we can meet more regularly when the spring kicks in, but I can’t say why I think that would happen. Nice weather? Oh well. The plan, as far as I can tell, is to do Wordsworth still. The…

  • Anyone want to talk poetry this weekend?

    Here’s my thinking. I will be talking poetry this weekend. I am perfectly happy to talk with myself, as I have begun to do on my morning Metro commute, but I would also enjoy discussions involving other, actual people. If anyone else is interested in talking poetry, I’d be happy to participate. I am far…

  • Poetry locale

    Hey! Can we do poetry this week at our place? It would help me out and it looks like chez Jon and Sam is the place to be FRI night. If its inconvenient, though, no worries.

  • RE: Nephelidia

    I tell ya, I’m such a sucker for alliteration. (That and lights on trees in the winter.) So, needless to say, I enjoyed the Swinburne poem you posted Mike. The snow is blowing out here in Nebraska, but not as high as the trees. That’s a good thing though since I intend to come home…

  • Next!

    Does anyone have any suggestions for this thursday’s meeting? I was thinking that we could briefly revisit Mary Oliver first and then move onto the Dylan Thomas poem that Brian posted. This conveniently leaves the 2 graveyard poems Alan posted for the thursday prior to Christmas (or we could do something else). ….

  • Where and Bueno?

    Jon’s place. 6:30. Bueno.

  • This Thursday

    The poems: The Sun, Mary Oliver/A Leave-Taking, Algernon Swinburne We can do my place or whatever is most convenient…. If people have opinions, please post comments.

  • hello.

    hello. These poetic evenings seem to coincide with my trips out of town. I won’t be around tonight, either. Shoot. anne

  • Thursday

    Info for this Thursday’s meeting