A few thoughts on making this blog a little prettier. I like the general format to begin with, so most of this is just detail:
*Title Font color should match the font color in the banner (the “Mind of Winter” color)
*If its possible to highlight the titles of posts it might break up the post and clearly delineate when a post begins
*The name of the poster looks more naturally to me at the bottom of the post
*I always feel better when the links bar is on the left. Also, it should start below the “Mind of Winter” banner, so that the color goes all the way across the screen.

Something that is unnecessary but would be cool:
*A feature that would be really awesome would be to have a link to one single window (that pops up separately) that contains all the poems we’ve done (instead of making them posts). I’d be glad to compile this file. Anyway, I find that as I’m posting it would be nice to have a small window open somewhere that has the actual poem.

All in all this is a great format. I hope that it is well used…