Month: February 2004

  • Anyone want to talk poetry this weekend?

    Here’s my thinking. I will be talking poetry this weekend. I am perfectly happy to talk with myself, as I have begun to do on my morning Metro commute, but I would also enjoy discussions involving other, actual people. If anyone else is interested in talking poetry, I’d be happy to participate. I am far […]

  • A bit of fun from Brooke

    Two of my favorites from Rupert Brooke: The Voice by Rupert Brooke Safe in the magic of my woods   I lay, and watched the dying light. Faint in the pale high solitudes,   And washed with rain and veiled by night, Silver and blue and green were showing.   And the dark woods grew darker still; And […]

  • I’m feeling neglected

    Just thought you should know. Ye weep for those who weep? she said—   Ah, fools! I bid you pass them by. Go, weep for those whose hearts have bled   What time their eyes were dry. Whom sadder can I say? she said. —from “The Mask” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning