Month: July 2005

  • Just Saying

    I recently sent the following email: This is just to say I have put the program into the directory U:\TIS-Access\SAS Programs\HRSA Grant and modified the program to use the file All Surveys – Round One.txt in the same directory. And then I thought of Jon. And then I thought of Hoke. And then I […]

  • Ave Atque Vale

    Ave Atque Vale by Billy Collins Even though I managed to swerve around the lump of groundhog lying on its back on the road, he traveled with me for miles, a quiet passenger who passed the time looking out the window enjoying this new view of the woods he once hobbled around in, sleeping all […]

  • Memory

    from Rococo by Algernon Charles Swinburne Remembrance may recover And time bring back to time The name of your first lover, The ring of my first rhyme; But rose-leaves of December The frosts of June shall fret, The day that you remember, The day that I forget. Some weeks ago Alan posted a pair of […]

  • archy says

    aesop revised by archy by Don Marquis a wolf met a spring lamb drinking at a stream and said to her you are the lamb that muddied this stream all last year so that i could not get a clean fresh drink i am resolved that this outrage shall not be enacted again this season […]