Month: June 2005

  • The Innards Have Been Upgraded Again

    I’ve gone and done it again, exercising my authority over this little corner of the webiverse. I upgraded the WordPress software to fix a few annoying bugs (like its former refusal to alphabetize the post categories) and plug some security leaks. Please let me know if I’ve broken anything in the process. And, as always, […]

  • Nancy Willard

    For You, Who Didn’t Know by Nancy Willard At four A.M. I dreamed myself on that beach where we’ll take you after you’re born. I woke in a wave of blood. Lying in the back seat of a nervous Chevy I counted the traffic lights, lonely as planets. Starlings stirred in the robes of Justice […]

  • On Perillo

    To My Big Nose from ‘Luck Is Luck’ by Lucia Perillo Hard to believe there were actual years when I planned to have you cut from my face— hard to imagine what the world would have looked like if not seen through your pink shadow. You who are built from random parts like a mythical […]