Category: Thomas, Dylan

  • Poeta Loquitur

    I haven’t had a chance to listen to much yet, and what I have listened to hasn’t really inspired me to listen to much more, but I figure some of you might be interested: I found a link over at Salon to several downloadable CDs worth of Dylan Thomas reading his and others’ poetry, with […]

  • Unbosoming

    I’ve been thinking about this word today. The thing that struck me was that it is defining a noun, “summer,” as an activity, “unbosoming.” Can anyone think of examples where this is commonly done? This question falls into the context of our discussion on the poet’s relationship to images: can he capture them or do […]

  • Poet: 1935

    Poet: 1935 by Dylan Thomas See, on gravel paths under the harpstrung trees He steps so near the water that a swan’s wing Might play upon his lank locks with its wind, The lake’s voice and the rolling of mock waves Make discord with the voice within his ribs That thunders as heart thunders, slows […]