It should now be safe to post. Please let me know if you experience any problems with the site. For more details about recent changes, follow the “more” link below.

I had to move servers today, and because the domain name isn’t changing, I couldn’t really test things out before going live. I don’t know if everything transferred well. To complicate matters, I had to upgrade the blog software and the spam filter, so there is a high probability that something will not work right. I’ll try to fix problems as they are identified.

An important note: the new spam filter may be tougher for a little while until it learns who we are. If your comments don’t appear right away, let me know, and I’ll go in and approve them. Once the filter sees a few comments that should be approved, it will learn to let them through.

In response to several suggestions Brian made, I rearranged the site just a bit. The “Mind of Winter” title is now a link to take you to the main index page of the site. The Kindergarten-sized orange “Sing, O Muse!” button is where you go to post. If you’re logged in, it should take you to the admin area so you can post. If you’re not logged in, it should take you to the login page. I’ve made a few other minor changes as well, and will continue to tweak things as I find the time.

For now, though, it should be safe to post. Go crazy!

Alan just posted a great poem, and I imagine I am not alone in wanting to say a bit about it, but I must ask you to postpone any comments or posts for a day. My host is upgrading my account (so I’ll have more space, and more bandwidth, and more nifty toys, for less cash), but it means I have to move servers. I hope to make the transition appear seamless—or rather, I hope to make it fail to “appear” entirely. If all goes well, you won’t see any difference. However, nothing ever goes well in just that way, and I anticipate some difficulty in transition. I will post another message when the move is complete. Until then, I ask you not to post (and that means not to save drafts of posts in the WordPress system, either, since I have to transfer the whole database). Sorry for the temporary inconvenience, and thanks for your patience.

Questions, comments and concerns may be transmitted to me at Administrator@jokeofalltrades.com.

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